chateau de chenonceau

One of the Most Beautiful Castles in France – Chateau de Chenonceau

The Places & Pics location today is the Chateau de Chenonceau.

The Chateau de Chenonceau is a French château spanning the River Cher, near the small village of Chenonceaux in the Indre-et-Loire département of the Loire Valley in France. It is one of the best-known châteaux of the Loire valley.   This Chateau is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in France, perhaps only surpassed by the beauty of Versailles just outside Paris.  Chenonceau has a long and interesting history having attracted royalty and nobility for hundreds of years.  Today, the Chateau is the 2nd most visited chateau in France.  Only the Palace of Versailles receives more visitors.

Chenonceau, although beautiful, is by far not the only beautiful castle in France.  Here is some info on other castles to see in the Loire valley along with lots of activities in the area.


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