airport food - How to avoid the worst and find the best

Airport Food – How To Avoid the Worst and Find the Best

For many of us, the idea of having to eat a meal inside an airport is quite distasteful….no pun intended!  You see, we assume that the best we can usually hope for in many airports is mediocre food at best.  But realistically, the problem may not be that there is no good food offered, but more a problem of time instead.  Most people are hurrying from one connection to another and have time to do nothing more than grab something that happens to be on the way between point A and point B.  Well surprisingly enough, there is good food to be found in alot of airports across the United States…if you know where to get it!

So here’s a list of the Best Airport Restaurants in America’s 40 Biggest Airports.  Hopefully your next meal in one of these places will be “great” instead of just mediocre.


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